Jonathan's Blog


I have wondered for a long time about having a Blog. Questions like, is it worth my time? Will anyone read it? Will I actually keep updating it? These have filled my mind and intimidated me from taking the plunge.

It used to be that every time I went to a new church to speak, the pastor would bring up my first book and talk about its impact in his life. Not so any more. At this point the first thing that comes up is how they have been following me on Facebook and love my antics and personality. Life has changed.

A mentor of mine said recently that I could change the world through Facebook. Now I am not taking that in a completely literal way, yet I realized that I could have a tremendous impact in the lives of people that I may never meet in person. Whether it is a Facebook friend in Saskatchewan Canada or Cape Town South Africa, I believe in being intentional to touch and impact the world through technology. I know that the previous sentence could sound like any church media dept cliche. My exception is that I see that people are impacted when a leader will be transparent, accessible and transparent.

These are the principles I aim to follow.