Greetings Family,

Four years ago in February, I resigned from working for Randy Clark’s ministry and stepped out into my calling. This is an easy date for me to remember because two weeks after I resigned, I was invited to sit in the guest speaker’s lounge of a large conference in Tennessee. It was February 29th, 2008; Leap Day.

While sitting in the back room, it was approaching midnight and in the middle of a conversation with an individual they suddenly took off their watch and put it on my wrist and began to prophesy over me. They spoke of how this represented God’s timing for my life to Leap ahead and that this watch was to be a prophetic symbol to me of this new season.

Now four years later, I have worn that watch almost everyday and most certainly every time that I spoke publically. That moment of wonderful generosity has been such a blessing and reminder to me.

As Leap Day approached this year, I felt that the Lord had told me to pass the watch to a friend at the same time and in the same way as it was passed to me. The last four years have been absolutely incredible. I have had the privilege of ministering alongside some of my longtime heroes. I have had the honor of being ordained alongside Patricia King under Randy Clark’s network. I have been aired on Sid Roth’s TV show, and many radio shows. The School of the Seers has become a bestseller, and I am Destiny Image’s #1 e-book seller. I have had the pleasure of ministering in approx. 12 states and several countries.

I would like to take a moment to say thank you to my friends, family, fathers, and ministry partners. (When I say partners, I don’t only mean a monthly giver, if you love us, pray for us, attend our meetings, receive our newsletter, read or listen to my material, etc; I consider you a partner in the work that the Lord has called me to.)

I have been praying about the next four years and what changes the Lord has in mind for us. I am turning 29 yrs old on March 26th, and Karen and I are ready to start having little Johnnies and Kare-bears running around our home. We are praying that this would be the year for our first child to arrive. We would ask that you take a moment to pray protection and health over us. We will be changing from traveling as a couple to Karen staying home full-time, and this will require a large shift in our approach to ministry.

Shift: I will continue to travel and minister as Karen stays home more and more. Karen’s heart is called more to short-term overseas missions, so she will still do that from time to time, but she will not being traveling much to the national events. Ben Valence, my friend of 14 years will be traveling with me when Karen does not. Ben is a graduate of Vineyard Leadership Institute as well as Heidi Baker’s missions school. He also interned for Randy Clark and was on Randy’s staff for two years and taught in the Global Awakening School of Supernatural Ministry’s Prophetic Track. Ben is actually in The School of the Seers (pages: 37, 93, 98, 101) and is currently working on writing a similar book, which will teach in depth regarding feeling in the spirit (rather than seeing). (We will announce when it is finished and carry it for sale on our website.)

In the past, I have traveled three weekends a month, with one weekend off. For the future, we have created a new way to manage my schedule to keep me at home more. I will be hosting a four-day seminar once a month. This is starting this month in Chicago. By Memorial Day, I will have fully transitioned to only speaking at the events that we host (except very prayerfully select other events). Our Chicago Supernatural Bootcamp (6-days) in March is the first of these type of events. Then our two-week Seattle Supernatural BootCamp will be our premier event each July. Starting in September we will launch monthly four-day seminars. September-Mammoth Lakes, California : October-Greenwood, Delaware : November-Denver, Colorado. This revised schedule will enable me to spend a lot more time at home with family, as well as accomplish a lot more writing.

Also I am working on a two-year program for receiving my Doctorate of Theology (Vision International University).

Another large announcement is my new book; Eyes of Honor is coming out this spring. Sid Roth has interviewed me about it and will be airing that interview sometime in the spring as well. This aspect of our ministry is about to receive a tremendous amount of attention, which will need a lot of our time and focus.

To facilitate this, we will not only be doing the monthly four-day seminars, but we will also do quarterly Eyes of Honor Conferences as well. We have already scheduled a few. July-Seattle, Sept-Mammoth Lakes, CA. Oct-Rochester, NY.

Lastly, my new (fourth) book, Raptureless; An Optimistic Guide to the End of the World, is almost finished. I have posted it online for free at I am simply waiting for the creation of the perfect cover design and then it will be formatted and printed for sale.

I am asking for your help with this project. Please be praying for favor, open-minds, and leaders to stand with me on this topic. The topic is so hot and the cow is so sacred. Also when the physical book is released, please spread it around as far and wide as possible. I believe that this work will shift a generation of young ministers into having an Optimistic Worldview and that doors will open to speak at seminaries and Bible Schools.

One more thing. I have not created any new teaching CDs for approximately two years. We are currently finishing the creation of multiple new CD teachings which will be available on our website and book table very soon.

Thank you all for loving and encouraging us over the last four years.

Your Friend - Jonathan Welton

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