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Businesses aiming for excellence typically write a purpose statement.

Many churches have taken the business model and created something similar which they call a Mission Statement (it sounds more “Churchy” that way). I personally prefer the model of “Leading from the Heart” which leans more on Core Values.

Core Values are the values held the highest in a person’s heart at the very core of their being; that is who they are.

If fifty people were asked to describe you in one word, the main ones that are repeated are your Core Values. I have been meditating recently on the question, “What are my Core Values?” As the Lord has been leading Karen and I to form a team ministry, I want to know my Core Values and share them with my team. I want to understand the Core Values of my team members and be sure that these form a solid base for working together. I thought it would be helpful to some of my readers (and fellow leaders) to share my Core Values as I currently see them. Here are my Seven highest.

Biblical: Since I was a child, I have been raised with the highest value of respect for understanding and applying the Bible correctly. This has required me to change my thinking hundreds, perhaps thousands of time. To hold this as a value requires a commitment to constant growth and change.

Supernatural: To understand the Bible correctly and live according to it, I must have a high value for walking in the supernatural. To claim to have a high value for the Bible and not walk in the supernatural is one of the most bizarre forms of hypocrisy that exists.

Relational: I have pondered this core value for quite awhile. For me this one includes being transparent, vulnerable, valuing relationships, being on time, and standing up for people. To be a leader and not be relational is to leave a trail of orphans everywhere you go.

Character: It seems that we are currently in era of “Special Anointings” and “Crazy Grace” as well as evil humanism and demonic political agendas. I value character anchored in Biblical values. i.e. Homosexuality is a sin, Abortion is murder, Sex outside of marriage sinful and destructive. Just as much as I value character that acknowledges that sin is sin; I strongly value character that emphasizes expressing (at all times) the Fruit of the Spirit: Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, Gentleness, and Self-Control.

Empowering Others: My core value of empowering others drives the heart of my teaching ministry. I don’t want to be the “Man of God, holier than thou, the big one on the platform.” I believe that real Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors and Teachers are first and foremost Equippers and Foot-washers (Eph 4, John 13). My heart is to see you step into your New Creation Identity, fullness of freedom and walking out your calling.

Freedom: My freedom was worth dying for, so I value and guard it; I will not give it away thoughtlessly. At the core of everything I write, my desire is to share truth, which sets people free. Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom. Where Jonathan is, I want there to be complete freedom.

Generosity: I believe in walking in freedom, rather than fear; empowering others rather than controlling them. This has led me to be generous with my finances, time, and encouragement. Generosity is a core value of heaven. The streets are paved with gold.

These are my Core Values. I hope that I have sparked your thinking. Whether you are a ministry leader, business leader, parent, or anything else, it is important to understand your Core Values and intentionally lead from your heart.