Hey Jonathan,
I would like to ask you what it was like for you a few years back, starting out with writing your books, setting up your ministry. It seems that you are really finding your calling and what you are good at so, what was it like a couple of years back? How was the process?
- Jesse


Dear Jesse,

I think back on my ministry beginnings and the main word that I think of is, “insecurity.” Honestly, as a first time author, before The School of the Seers came out, my constant thought was, “is anyone going to read this book I am writing?”

I worked so hard to communicate, to connect, to relate, in summary, I was a strong “self-promoter.” In the business realm this can be a benefit, but in the realm of ministry and the Kingdom, the more mature could easily smell the aroma of insecurity and works that I was emitting.

Fortunately, there were some older/wiser friends who guided me through those early years as I was developing. Although there were others that would have rather crushed me, I did make it through.

In looking back over my shoulder, I would strongly encourage any young person that has a desire for ministry to study the Word of God intensely, to trust God’s timing impeccably, and to serve humbly at every opportunity.

Here are the verses that have impacted my understanding of promotion.

1)   Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding, in all your ways acknowledge Him and He will make your paths straight.

2)   Humble yourself under the mighty hand of God and in due time He will lift you up.

3)   Your gift will make room for you and bring you before great men.

I made it through those shaky and insecure years and have planted much deeper roots of trust in the Lord. After the incredible success of my first book, I had to deal with the next level of fear that told me that I might simply be a “one-hit wonder.”

The Lord literally took a year of my life to deal deep in my heart regarding fear and insecurity. The year began with the Holy Spirit saying to me, “What would it be like to live life with no fear?” He whispered that question in my heart dozens and dozens of times that year as He strained out everything that was tainted. There are still moments that I recognize fear and spit it out, but in looking back at the start of my ministry until today, I think that biggest process or growth that I have seen is to trust the Lord, move slow, think long-term, and focus not on fear but on Love.

- Jonathan Welton

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