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I have been noticing a lot of judgmental people recently. This could be because I have killed and BBQ’d their favorite Sacred Cow or because they have been stabbed one to many times in the back by “brothers & sisters” in the church. Jesus said that from the overflow of the heart the mouth speaks. So I know when I hear judgments that I am really hearing the intimate hurt piling up in another person’s heart. One of the simple roots I have found is that “judged people judge people.”

Typically speaking, those that have been given their total freedom, absolute self-control and are fully loved; don’t judge others. The one that judges others has been judged and mistreated, perhaps for decades. Not only have many felt judgment by others, but also many have felt judgment from Father God. Whether from a spiritual leader or a natural parent, many have taken on the idea that God is a big judge that has nothing better to do than judge you. This warped view of God leads to the idea that God has judged you, so you end up judging yourself and then judging others. Those that judge others are filled to the brim with interior judgments, which are judgments held against one’s self. These then overflow and judgment is poured on others.

I believe that the only way to truly change this cycle is to go back to the root and change your view of God the Father. Yes, others have messed up your view of Him and you will have to forgive them to move forward, but we must also wipe the mud from our glasses to see clearly. What has God told us about Himself? I think the judgmental in heart need to hear three things about God that maybe they never learned rightly.

  1. “God is Love.” Yeah, I know, you have heard this, but have you seen it? Have you known Him as a God of Love, literally a love God? That He ALWAYS acts in Love, He will never contradict this. You are safe with Him, He will never hurt you, He doesn’t hold your mistakes against you, He keeps no record of wrongs, He will never leave you lonely, confused or hopeless. (review 1 Cor 13, Jer 29:11)
  2. “Where the spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.” In God’s presence, you are completely free. You can mess up and He will never act in a controlling manner. You have total freedom. Most Christians have NEVER experienced an environment of total freedom. Most leaders live in fear of this level of freedom because of possible mistakes. God already died to pay for your mistakes, so that He could fully pour love on you. God wants you to be free more than you even want to be free. Many have avoided God because they want freedom and feel that He will be controlling. This is the message the church has preached, not the message of the Bible. God wants you epically freed to be yourself and to follow the identity He put in your DNA.
  3. “The fruit of the Spirit is…Self-Control.” Many have described self-control as “the ability to say no to sin.” Under this definition, you will feel like a daily failure. Yet this definition of self-control is inherently flawed because of its narrowness. Self-control is not simply the ability to say no to sin. Self-control is better expressed as “being the only one who determines your responses in life.” God is not in control of you, He loves you perfectly; therefore He wanted you to have total freedom, so He gave you self-control. You get to decide what you are going to do. If you are going to love Him or reject Him. Whether you will love others or judge them. If you are going to love yourself as much as He loves you or judge yourself.
I know what I am talking about because I have been there. I used to have a lot of judgment in my heart. I saw God as a controller, I didn’t know Him as a God of Love, I didn’t understand that all He wanted was for me to be free and that the only person He wanted controlling me, is me! God is described as Love, our advocate, comforter, provider, and healer. He is good, even though commonly misrepresented as judgmental. Yes, one day in the future, God will have to judge evil, this is an important part of love and justice, but God IS love, that is his essence and identity, Judge is just something He will have to do one day. Judge is not who He is as a person.