The following is an important personal letter from Jonathan Welton, the head of The Welton Academy.



Back in January of 1979, the Lord took Bob Jones into a vision to a place by the sea and called it the “Sands of Time.” Bob said he saw great leaders, apostles, and prophets that were representatives in their generations sticking their hands down into the sands to bring up what looked like old shoe boxes. As each one did, Bob could hear them say, “Is this the time?...Are the promises for now?” With each of the leaders there was nothing in the box-as the promises weren’t for their generation.

Then the Lord told Bob to reach down into the sands of time to pull up a box, but Bob said, “Lord, they are all empty,” but the Lord told Bob to open up the shoe box anyway. As Bob opened his box he was surprised to see draft notices in it. They said, “Greetings, you have been drafted into the Army of God.”

Then the Lord told Bob, “I will begin to send these letters out to my leaders when it costs twenty cents to mail a letter.” At the time of the vision, it cost only eleven cents to mail a letter so no one was expecting the postage to rise more. But on October 13th, 1981, it cost twenty cents to mail a letter and the Lord said, “Everyone that was conceived, that was in the womb, of nine months prior was literally the army of God. The first would be leaders and the second would be the greatest army that nothing could ever stop and when they reach the age of maturity I am going to begin to release them in power. I will arm them out of my armory in heaven. There is no gift that I will deny them. They will literally pull down the warehouse of God and they will have no fear of the enemy. They will glorify me beyond anything that has ever been. They will represent me in my holiness and compassion.” (Endnote: Taken from “The Furious Sound of Glory by Jeff Jansen)



I know in the core of my being that I am one of the leaders that the Lord showed Bob Jones.

I believe that my calling is to raise up a New Breed of Leaders (of every age) that know their identity and calling; leaders that will equip every person to fulfill their God-given Destiny.

I wake up every morning with a burning passion to know more truth and to share that truth with others. That is what pushes blood through my veins. That is why I study, that is why I teach, and that is why I write. That I might know the truth and be even freer, that I might teach the truth so others will be free.

It is with this passion in mind, that The Welton Academy was created. The reason for The Elite Supernatural Boot-camp in Seattle in July is to be transformed by Truth into a New Breed of leaders. This is not a conference, this is not a seminar, this is a life-altering encounter.

The Welton Academy Leadership has decided that because two weeks is so challenging for most people to get off from work we are going to make a new offer. We are opening up registration for individuals that want to sign up for only one of the two weeks. Although two weeks is preferable for maximum transformation, we realize that this is not feasible for some. Whether you want to attend July 9th-13th or July 16-20th (Click on week to register), the registration cost will be $300 for a week.



Even if you are not able to attend the Boot-camp at all, there are many that would like to attend and cannot afford to pay the tuition. It is never our desire to turn anyone away because of finances, yet the projected budget for this event is approximately $20,000. With that in mind, we have provided scholarships for a limited few individuals.

Please partner with us. Every donation that we receive between now and July 6th will be used to provide scholarships. Help us raise up a new breed of leaders that will carry truth and set others free.

Join us in prayer that no one would be hindered from attending. Also we have a lot of other projects going on which you can be a part of supporting, such as:

  • $3300 to order new School of the Seers CD Sets
  • $5800 to order a first printing of Raptureless; An Optimistic Guide to the End of the World
  • Scholarships for our large Labor Day weekend Boot-Camp in Mammoth Lakes

Click here to give to the Scholarship fund

Thank you for helping “Raise up a New Breed of Leaders to change the church and the world.”

Jonathan Welton

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