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I have an unusual blog post this week. Enjoy!

Dear Kristy,
Thank you so much for your thoughtful questions. I have given my best answer off the top of my head below. Enjoy!
Jonathan Welton

Q: Is “speaking in tongues” an earthly language (current or ancient) unknown to us intellectually?

A: According to John Sherrill, the author of the classic “They Speak with other tongues.” They consulted with linguistics experts and Speaking in Tongues seems to be similar to actual languages. It would seem to me that we are speaking “Mysteries” as Paul says and that at times we are speaking an actual language, which is unknown to us intellectually.

Q: Is God the Father higher in authority/position than Jesus? Does it really matter what we believe about this?

A: This is a challenging question to answer because it depends a lot on a person’s interpretation of the word “Authority.” We see in 1 Cor. 11 that the head of the wife is the husband and the head of the man is Christ and the head of Christ is the Father. Does this imply control? I do Not believe so. From my study, I have come to understand the word “Head” in this passage to mean “Source” so Jesus is sourced or sent from the Father, Man is sourced or sent from Christ and the wife is sent or sourced from the husband. Each one represents the one they are sent from, each one is honored and empowered and supported by the one they are sent from. I see Jesus as equal to the Father, I see Jesus has made man equal with Himself as New Creations, I see the wife as equal with the husband.

Q: How does God the Father know things that Jesus (as God) doesn't know (i.e. the hour of Christ's 2nd coming)?

A: According to Acts 1:7 there are certain things, which the Father has kept under His own (Exousia) authority. I think the reason is found in John 15:15, the job of the Holy Spirit is to take things from Jesus and reveal them to us. If Jesus knew the time of His return then the Holy Spirit could reveal it to us, and the Father would like to keep that to Himself.

Q: Is the Holy Spirit an extension of God (the omnipresent part of His Presence among/within us)...or is He a separate Person to be worshipped as distinct from Christ and The Father? Does it really matter what we believe about this?

A: I believe that the Holy Spirit is one of three distinct persons that make up the Godhead. I believe that this is important because it rounds out the Kingdom Family Paradigm. The Father, The Son and the Holy Spirit (i.e., The comforter, the brooder over the waters, the paraclete, the encourager) A W Tozer taught that the Holy Spirit is the Motherhood of the Godhead. I also see Paul treating each member of the Godhead in a distinct manner.

“May the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you all.” 2 Cor. 13:14