There have been five big responses to the election that I keep reading from Christians. I will lay them out below and give my thoughts. Enjoy!

- Jonathan Welton


Statement: This election is a sign of the end-times

Response: This is simply fear mongering. Those who say this; do not understand what the Bible teaches about the endtimes. For my full thoughts on “endtimes” go to


Statement: It doesn’t matter who the president is because God is sovereign and/or God is in control

Response: If it doesn’t matter and we don’t have to be responsible, then why vote in the first place? This type of theology breeds apathy and laziness that is not Biblical. We are to actively partner with God to bring His kingdom into the earth.


Statement: God is humbling America to bring her back to her Covenant roots with God

Response: I have come to understand that America does not have a covenant with God. No nation has a covenant with God. The only Covenant currently in effect is the New Covenant (Heb 8, Jer 31, Ez 36). That covenant is between God the Son representing mankind, and God the Father representing the Trinity. Jesus is our High Priest representative as well as the perfect lamb sacrifice. Therefore Jesus has a perfect covenant with the Father God and that is the only covenant that exists. As a believer, we have the privilege of stepping inside of Christ, which gives us all the benefits of His covenant. No individual or nation has a covenant with God, only Jesus has a covenant with God. We simply step into Jesus by faith, we abide and remain, and therefore we have all the benefits. This also means that I cannot break covenant with God, because I don’t have covenant with God, I can step out of abiding in Christ, but the covenant between Him and the Father is perfect.


Statement: America is being judged, and Barack Obama and his policies are part of the judgment.

Response: While it is true to say that we are reaping the “consequences” of our terrible moral and economic choices; it is not true to say that we are reaping “judgment.” Judgment requires an active intentional choice on the part of God to bring the hammer down upon us. That is not something that God does in the New Covenant. Clearly there is a misunderstanding and a mixture of the Old and New Covenants in those who say this. We do not live under the Blessings or Curses of Deuteronomy 28. We are in the New Covenant where God forgives our sins and remembers them no more.

It is time for the church to repent of her heart toward President Barack Obama. I personally disagree with most of what our President thinks, does and says; yet I love the man. Jesus died for him and for us to be declaring judgment on his head reveals more about us than about him. It is time to understand the New Covenant and stop mixing the Old into it.


Statement: There simply was not enough desperation, prayer, repentance and humility on the part of the church in America.

Response: I do not believe the answer is to have more Christians cloistered up in churches and home groups praying against unrighteous leadership in our political system. With that approach, four years from now our election will again only reap a worse President than the one we have currently. If we do not train our young people with Kingdom thinking, then we can pray all day and get out voted again.


Truth is what sets people free. Our children are being trained by liberally minded institutions in media, arts, education, etc. And while church leaders are calling for more “desperation, effort, sacrifice, and passion” the World is training up a generation in lies and bondage. It is time to focus on training up a generation of Kingdom Minded warriors that will infiltrate society with all forms of Divine Wisdom and Love. Truth will set people free and our young people need to be trained in the truth. America is starving to death because of a lack of Truth.

William Wilberforce and others like him in times past have spoken the truth and trained others to think in terms of Truth. He did not start a movement of people that hid out from the world until God “got enough prayers” and ended slavery. Many Christians have begun to think of prayer as magic fairy dust; if we had enough of it, then the election would have gone differently. Actually in our country, more votes would have changed the outcome.

Many have approached prayer as some sort of power to manipulate politics. “If only we had prayed enough, then we could have had enough spiritual power to change the outcome of an election.” Maybe if more people had voted for the other guy, then we would have had a different outcome? It is simply time to “Go,” as Jesus said and bring heaven to earth. Let’s train up the next generation of Kingdom Warriors and cover the world with God’s love and truth.

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