I have heard an immense amount of teaching over the years. In the last decade especially, there has been a movement that is extremely focused on “Spiritual Warfare.”

I am thankful for the awareness that this movement has created toward the spiritual realm and the demonic. Many Christians hardly even believe in demons existing and need to get a wake up call. So in many ways this movement has been a good thing.

On the flip side, there has been a weakness in this movement. The main weakness I have seen is that there are individuals not grounded in their identity or authority in Christ. If I could take a moment to encourage the Body of Christ, I would stress the importance of identity and authority before going after more warfare. The following points seem to be missing from many teachings on warfare:

  • Jesus defeated Satan on the Cross (Col 2:15).
  • Satan is powerless (Heb 2:14).
  • Satan continues to lie and only has power when we give him power by agreeing
  • Jesus has all authority (Mt 28:18).
  • We are in Jesus (John 15).
  • We therefore have authority over the Devil (Mt 10:1).

If we understood these truths, our practical application of spiritual warfare would change. No longer would we think we are fighting for victory. Fighting for victory means we are living on the wrong side of the cross. Instead, we should be starting from the victory of Christ.

Starting from victory in Christ, having a strong understanding of identity in Christ, and the authority that it brings, this will create an army of powerful supernatural warriors. People that are not fearful and superstitious, but are able to go anywhere, be with anyone and release light everywhere!

I believe it is time for less books on Spiritual Warfare and time for more clear teaching about Christ’s victory over the Devil; more books about our Identity and Authority in Christ.

Just my thoughts.

Jonathan Welton


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