Karen and I bought our first home 3.5 years ago in Rochester, NY. It is surrounded by a park, on a dead end street and we have deer in our yard on a daily basis. It has been wonderful.

Last summer we had heard that a few houses were having bicycles stolen and other yard items, but otherwise it has been a very quiet neighborhood.

Several months ago I was awoken by a police officer banging on my front door at 2am in the morning. He proceeded to tell me that my immediate neighbors had an intruder they had scared out of their house and wondered if I had seen anyone (they know that I am typically awake until 2-3am writing). I hadn’t seen anyone.

About 6 weeks later I was out for a walk talking on the phone with my friend from Alaska. I always call him late at night because of the 4 hour time difference and so we were talking at about 2:30am Eastern Standard Time. As I approached my house I passed two males walking out of the same neighbor’s driveway as before. I told my friend I had to go and immediately called the police. Then from a distance I began to slowly follow the two guys while pretending to still be on the same phone call as I was when I passed them.

It was a very dark night and I lost sight of them when I realized they were no longer in front of me but had actually doubled back across a lawn toward the neighbor’s house and were now behind me. Suddenly a minivan at the end of the street turned on its headlights and began to slowly drive away from where it was parked beyond the neighbor’s house toward where I was halfway down the street.

As it came close to me, I acted distressed in the middle of the road, waving my arms indicating they should stop. As the van pulled up, I saw three African American people in the minivan, two guys in the front seats in their 30s and a female in the backseat calmly texting someone.

I asked “Where are you guys coming from?” (I know, kind of a weird question right?)

The driver responded “From visiting my grandma.”

“Really?” I said, “Which house is hers? And at 3am in the morning?” (I know all my neighbors and none of them are African American. In fact our neighborhood is so white you would think it was built by Nabisco cause there are so many crackers!)

At this point the driver looked freaked out so he stepped on the gas and took off down the road. Within a few minutes, the police arrived and I related this story to them as well. (No I didn’t see the license plate. I wish!) The officer assured me that I had probably given them a good scare and they would go looking for a quieter street. I felt better, but I still would rather have them not looking for another street.

The next morning I filled Karen in on the details and she played 21 questions on me. But of course she was most curious as to why I would think it was ok to flag down the van and confront them, not even considering how dangerous that might be? This is likely your same question.

I told her what I am convinced of to the core of my being.


“I cannot be taken out until I have finished my assignment.”


This is a personal conviction that I believe. I live according to this and I don’t give it a second thought.

I do value my health and want to take good care of my temple, yet I also firmly believe that God will protect me and back me up. He has invested a lot in me completing my assignment. It says in Psalms, “Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of His saints.” But that is actually a terrible translation. The correct translation reads: “Costly in the sight of the Lord is the death of His saints.” The Lord wants me on earth, fulfilling my assignment and I will continue to do so. In the meantime, I believe He will watch over me and He has given me very large angelic protection for a reason!

Do you believe that you should live cautiously and call it “wisdom,” or should we be bold and believe that God has our back? I am not advocating for blatant stupidity, but often it seems that cowardice is applauded as “wisdom.”


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