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For twelve years, Karen and I have made the annual trek to the Voice of the Apostles conference hosted by Randy Clark. We have watched it grow from 300 people in a church basement, up to 5000+ in a major convention center. Several of those years we were on staff and helped administrate that beast.

This year we had the opportunity for the first time to setup a booth next to the bookstore. We actually rented a double-wide spot and set up café tables and chairs for giving prophecy to attendees of the VOA.

Each morning we would get to the booth with a line already waiting outside the door. The line was continuously backed up from 8:30am-7:30pm, Monday-Friday. My team of 7 Supernatural Bootcamp graduates estimated conservatively that they prophesied over no less than 750 people this last week!

Many leaders and staff members came and received words, which I was very humbled and honored to see. Most of them said that our team gave some of the best words they had ever received, which I consider a huge compliment.

Overall, it was an interesting week for me. I reconnected with several old relationships, which had disintegrated. I made many new connections and many doors to other nations became apparent.

Also, I have come to recognize that I am neither an extrovert, nor an introvert. I am what is called an Ambivert. This means that I can be an extrovert as needed but I recharge alone, as introverts do. With that in mind, this was a very draining week for me and I am glad to be home resting and studying.

Last year the main thing I heard from people is that they have been following me on Facebook and loving every minute of the humor, depth and edginess. This year was different, the main thing I heard from people was that they have been following my blog and have been growing weekly because of it ( I was fascinated and encouraged to hear this!

Not only am I recharging this week after all my extrovert juices were drained, but I am also very blessed and encouraged to meet people all week long that were thanking me for my books and how they have been set free from many different things (depending on the book they read). Being a writer can be very lonely sometimes and when I get back out and hear the impact I am making, I am again reminded that all the study and sweat is worth it.

We plan to do the booth again next year at VOA in Orlando, in August, but it will be twice as big and our team will be larger. In the meantime we would love to see you at one of our events or as a student in the Supernatural Bible School. We have 205 students and have room to take up to 300. There are 28 days left to register. Sign up at

Also we are not doing many more big events, as the school is becoming our focus. So don’t miss out on our upcoming Super Seers Conference, August 29-31 (8 days away), in Florence AL. Sign up now for $35, or $50 at the door.

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