BACK IN 2002...

In 2002 I took a life changing trip to Brazil for a month. Being on a missions trip with Randy Clark is a very impacting experience. While I was in Brazil, I met Gary and Kathi Oates; they had been with Randy Clark on a trip to Brazil six months earlier as well. On their first trip, Gary had an encounter with the Lord which opened his eyes to see in the spirit realm. I had also had a similar experience six months earlier in a Dennis Cramer meeting.

During that trip to Brazil, I had some major encounters with the Lord which set me on a new course for my life. As a result of those encounters, I began writing The School of the Seers, which was released as a book seven years later.

In the last chapter of The School of the Seers, I declared that Seers would arise, Discerning of Spirits would be restored, leading to Christians seeing each other through Jesus’ eyes. This would create a great movement of love. I believe that even in the four years since my book release, we have seen a major increase of teaching about Grace and Identity, which are both about seeing through heaven’s eyes. Also many more seers have risen up and published materials that I wish had existed ten years ago.

The Seer Movement is truly moving forward as I believed it would and more!

Now for the first time since 2002, Gary Oates and I will be ministering together, this week in fact!

Other than The Seer by James Goll, Gary Oates and I have been the two earliest authors to make a major impact with books on the topic of Seeing in the Spirit. I am very excited to see what the Lord is going to do this week at our conference.

If you can come join us, The Super Seers conference will be held in Florence Alabama. More info can be found at:

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