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When I graduated high school, the one thing I most wanted to do was to become a Marine Corp Drill Instructor. I loved watching the first 30 minutes of Stanley Kubrick’s Full Metal Jacket. I wanted the intensity, the training, the grueling, gritty, life or death atmosphere. I knew deep down that I was build for the battle; I was implanted with a passion to fire up and equip others.

As I considered my options and continued to pray about this, the Lord spoke to my heart. He showed me that He made me to be a Drill Instructor of Marines in His Kingdom, not simply in the natural for our nation. With that new information, I have always known in my heart that I am not called to anything less than training up an powerhouse force of Christians. I am not an evangelist, I am not a counselor, I am a trainer, empowerer, equipper. I will not allow those that run with me to think inside some little churchy box. If we are going to advance the kingdom and bring heaven into earth, it will require a whole different level of instruction and intensity that the world hasn’t seen from the Church in our generation.

With all this in mind, in March of 2012, I created our first Welton Academy Bootcamp. It was 9-5, Monday-Saturday. Approximately 50 hours of teaching in one week. No we didn’t have saluting and standing at attention, but we had activation, impartation and in depth teaching.

In July of 2012 we gathered 50 students from seven different countries and twelve different states. We had 16 full days of bootcamp time together. I still look back in awe that we did that!

We have done several other bootcamps and it is not my intention to give a recap of each event. At this point we only have one last bootcamp planned, which is in Delaware September 5-7th. We are figuring out what we will do in the future, but for right now, we are switching our entire focus to the Supernatural Bible School, which I believe will be one of the most explosive new ministries of the next ten years.

The bootcamps have been fantastic and we are excited for this week, but also a little sad to see them winding down. We aren’t saying we won’t do them in the future, but we are going through a reboot. We may have one annual bootcamp in the future, but we are still praying through it all.

We would love to have you come and join us in Delaware this week!

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