Jonathan's Blog


In the last year, a friend has informed me that he has been struggling with homosexuality, even while being a lifelong Charismatic Christian. I recently received an amazing letter from him, which he said I could share.

Hi Jonathan,
I've been holding off on writing this for a few months to make sure it hasn't been temporary, but I think it's now time to go ahead and say it: I'm done with lust and porn thanks to Eyes of Honor!
I have to admit that I didn't do all of the exercises at the end of each chapter, but of course that isn't the point of the book. I was applying a lot of what you were teaching, and things were getting better, but I would still fall to temptation.
Several months ago, a friend of mine was talking at our small group and said "Remember that there is no shame in Christ Jesus." This finally clicked with me and unlocked everything in your book. I'm being reminded every morning that with my new nature, there is no shame in my body unless I bring shame to it.
I know that I am done with lust, because a major stronghold finally gave way. Men's underwear has been an issue for me. It would always start out with me looking at a catalog and making some sort of rationalization about needing to buy some. One thing would lead to another and I'd soon be looking up pictures of guys posing in underwear, and then men having sex with each other.
Whenever I would go to a store like Walmart or Target for something else, I'd always walk to the underwear aisle. I'd look through all of the different styles and spend a bit too long there. Sometimes I would buy some, many times I'd walk away.
Recently, I walked into Target to get a combination lock and suddenly realized that I didn't want to go to the underwear aisle. I found the lock and still didn't have any urge to make my little usual side trip. I was so surprised by this that I decided "let's make sure this isn't a fluke." I walked over to the men's underwear and felt nothing. They may as well have been dishtowels or tablecloths. Not fifteen seconds later, I was walking back to the checkouts to leave.
Thank you so much for writing the book and sharing your struggles in vulnerable detail. I don't think any other books on lust would have helped me at all.
- Joe