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In September 2008, the housing market crash deeply impacted the mutual fund market and therefore affected many retirement accounts. Considering this, I have been pondering for a few years the idea and concept of retirement.

I started from the highly religious perspective: “We were created to work and this means that retirement is a great way to get fat, lazy and die quicker.”

I have matured away from this perspective, yet I do see that meaningful work will always be a part of a purpose-filled life.

Later I was impacted by the Timothy Ferriss perspective, which re-evaluates the American lifestyle: Born / age 5 go to school / age 22 start career / age 30 college finally paid off / survive working til 65 / retire and hope to have enough money and health to do something fun before you die.

Or Ferriss’ option: Work toward having a self-employment situation, which allows you the freedom to choose how you live and spend your time.

Most recently, I have been reconsidering what it even means to “Retire”?

To some it means to retire from, sit on a beach drinking Corona

To some it means you are lazy and no one should retire

To some it would mean the loss of identity, which is being derived from a career

To some it means that stress is no longer running their life

To some it means time with children and grandchildren

The question of what retirement means is important.

The first question is, “how do I retire,” considering the information in the first paragraph of this blog. The follow up is, “what is retirement?”

A third one, I have been thinking about is, “What does early retirement mean?”

I have arrived at a new definition of retirement:

“The phase of life where your money has been wisely invested and managed so as to provide an inheritance and to carry you through the rest of your financial life without a second thought.”

If you can arrive at that place at an early life, then wonderful! Call it early retirement and go bless others without thinking about money anymore.

This week’s blog is meant to inspire thought, not necessarily to provide all the answers. So go ahead and ponder.


How will you retire? 

What does retirement mean to you? 

What would early retirement mean?