If you have been following my blog for awhile, you may recall a blog I wrote this summer entitled: Four Levels of Time-Wealth.

That particular article had unusually high readership and has inspired a lot of conversations. One of the main questions that I have received has been, “How does one move from the first level to the second level (or in other words, from the hourly level to the knowledge level)?

I had already discussed in the original blog that the move from Knowledge to Investment was mainly comprised of taking wise risks. And moving from Investment to Inheritance required a shift to generational or long-term thinking. But still, how does one move from the hourly to the knowledge level?

There are thousands of opportunities to move from the first to second level, but essentially the formula is the same. Take some of your own time and invest it.

My practical advice is that you find 3 hours a week to invest in growing from Hourly to Knowledge. This could be one evening a week, Saturday morning, or Sunday afternoon. But you must be consistent and persistent. Take that time to learn about the business you are going into, understanding the competition, gaining further knowledge, listening to audiobooks, etc. Basically if you don’t start doing this, you will stay in the hourly level forever, but if you start, then the door of possibility is open to you.

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