Our understanding of the Kingdom must shift and expand. Currently it seems that the Charismatic movement is taking people from not believing in the Supernatural to being able to heal the sick and raise the dead. But let's say that every Christian begins to operate in the supernatural. They all speak in tongues, every sick person is healed and all understand how God sees them because of prophecy, then what?


We must have a bigger long-term goal than simply shifting everyone back to stage one, which was the Early Church. The Early Church is not the goal.


Heaven on earth is the goal (Matt 6:18, Rev 21-22).

Heaven on earth will require a system of kingdom thinking and living, in which there is no reason for divorce, war, abortion, racism, porn, slavery, etc.

We must go further than simply try to get more people baptized in the Holy Spirit and healed. That is not all there is to advancing the Kingdom.

We must have a worldview shift of bringing heaven into the earth realm and changing the systems of this entire planet to being heavenly.

This requires a shift in our eschatology, which is our view of the future and our current purpose and call. Every human has eschatology (a view of the future), yet many Christians try to ignore this topic and not think about theirs.

Sorry my fellow Christians, but our friends which are Atheists, Muslims, Agnostics, Hindus and Buddhists know what they see for the future and they are aiming to move the world toward it. As long as Christians ignore eschatology, or hold to any form of fatalism, we are wasting time allowing this world to suffer while we have the answer. That is dangerous, foolish and cruel.

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