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While in high school, I had a friend that wanted to be a missionary. Not only did he want to go as a missionary, he looked forward to living among the people and hoped to one day be able to die as a martyr for those people.

Now he no longer walks with the Lord and has a reactionary anti-church stance. How did this happen?

Although he grew up homeschooled, with pastor’s for parents, he walked away and my heart aches to know why? I have come to several conclusions from my conversations with him and I may be right or wrong in the conclusions I have drawn, but here is what I have seen and I am sure many others can relate to this.

Although in the past he was filled with white-hot passion for Jesus and the calling on his life. He was raised in an atmosphere of heavy control. When he expressed his desire to go into ministry he was met with the idea that he needed to have a “Plan B.” Meaning that he needed to go to a liberal four-year college to get a “real” degree first then he could go get a ministry degree and if ministry didn’t work out, he would always have a secular degree that he could fall back on as “Plan B.”

On the surface this may sound wise to some of you, but it’s deceptive, it is not wisdom to keep a “Plan B” in your back pocket.

Not only did his parents controlling methods crush the calling and dreams of my friend, but four-years sitting under Secular-Humanism earning his Plan-B has changed him dramatically. Although he has been very successful in his career, he has left his true calling far behind. No matter how far he goes in his career, his heart is not fulfilled.

My heart is broken for my friend and what he has been through and even though his heart is closed right now toward the things of the Lord, I hopefully have your ear at this moment.


If I may encourage you, I would tell you this, “Do not listen to those that think you need a Plan-B.” If God has called you to do something, DO IT. Who are you more accountable to: God or Man?


You are designed to be free not controlled. You are designed to walk in your calling, not to live in fear and have back up plans.