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In the last four years (2009-2013), I have had the honor of serving to advance the Kingdom in many ways. Allow me to give a quick review:

  • Authored 7 full length books: The School of the Seers, Normal Christianity, Eyes of Honor, The Advancing Kingdom, Raptureless, The Art of Revelation, and New Age Masquerade (2014 release).
  • Have been recording Audiobooks for each one of these.
  • Established the New Covenant Revolution Podcast.
  • Started the New Covenant Revolution Youtube channel.
  • Began the blog.
  • Ministered in Switzerland, Germany, Trinidad, Mexico, Canada, and so many states I won’t list them all.
  • This year (2013), in fulfillment of a prophecy I received 5 years ago, I established the Welton Academy Supernatural Bible School online with over 400 students, in 42 states and 20 countries.
  • Back in 2009 we bought our first home
  • ......Then in 2013 we had our first child.

As I look forward to 2014 and pray into what the Lord has in mind for me, I am sensing a different season ahead.

Rather than the 3 weekends of travel per month that I have been doing for the last 4 years, there are some different ways that I am to use my time for this next season.



I am currently working on two major projects.

I am at the very beginning of laying the foundation to begin a Relational Ministry Network, coming in the spring of 2014. There will be a lot more info to come regarding this.

Secondly, I am doing the research for writing a new book, The New Covenant Revolution. I believe that this book will be one of the most important books written for the next one hundred years. It will create movement, which will advance the Kingdom of God and bring greater health and life to churches worldwide.

I will be researching throughout 2014 in preparation for writing to begin in 2015.

If you have been impacted by one of my previous books, allow me to tell you that that I believe that none of my previous works will come close to the level of freedom and revelation that comes from this forthcoming work. It will literally change our understanding of the Bible more than Raptureless did.

For this transition from traveling full time, to focusing on a season of research and writing, I humbly request your help. I need your help with funding while I focus on this most important project.

I am praying for people to catch the vision of New Covenant Revolution and to become monthly partners for the duration of this project. This would lift the operating expenses from the shoulders of Welton Academy and allow me to fully focus on this vital long-term project.

Here is what the process looks like:

Phase 1: Research. It will take approximately 6-9 months for me to complete the 50 additional books I need to read for research on the topic of Covenant.

Phase 2: Writing. It will take approximately 6-9 months for me to complete the rough draft Manuscript

Phase 3: Editing. Approximately 3 months of Editing, Proofing and Formatting to create the final contents.

Phase 4: Cover Design and Creation. One month to finalize. Plus funding to get this book printed.

Total time: 2 Years from the present (Approximately: Oct 2013-Oct 2015)

I am asking that you prayerfully consider standing with me and supporting this endeavor. If one of my previous teachings or writings has helped set you free, please consider helping me write this next book with your financial support, so that we can set free the future generations of the Church.

To contribute and give, please click here.