I wanted to take a few minutes and recap our first semester of the Welton Academy. This school has been a dream in my heart for many years and now we are living it out!

As a staff, we have learned a lot in our first semester and have many wonderful new ideas to launch and announce very soon. We have had the school grow much faster than we anticipated; we have 409 students, in 42 different states and 20 countries!

Our second semester starts on January 14th and I will be teaching for 19 weeks through the whole Bible from a Kingdom, Supernatural, New Covenant perspective. It’s going to be amazing! And yes, new students can sign up and join us starting on January 14th.

Relational Ministry Network

I have been asked for a long time if I have a network of churches, which hold to a similar set of beliefs (churches that carry the same DNA). We are preparing to launch a relational network through Welton Academy. This would be a way for those that consider themselves to be a part of the Welton Academy “tribe” to be connected. We will have more information to come, but if you feel that your ministry should be a part of this network, please send an email with your interest to

Merry Christmas!


Professor Jonathan Welton

Freedom Worth Dying For

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