Two years ago I posted a Blog about John Crowder entitled: Offended. I haven’t seen John Crowder in person since then but we have kept in touch since that initial meeting. Two weeks ago my wife and I were in Toronto, Canada at the same time as John and he graciously met me for 6am coffee before he had to go to the airport. I wanted to follow up and say that my appreciation for John and our friendship has continued to grow over the last two years.

This blog isn’t about John Crowder though. I wanted to tell you about something else that happened the weekend that I met John two years ago. I also met my incredible friend, Linsey Wallace.

Yes, I could say, an incredible worship leader, Linsey Wallace, an incredible employee, Linsey Wallace, an incredible leader, Linsey Wallace. But I am most honored to be able to say, “My Friend, Linsey Wallace!”

When we were introduced, a pastor friend (Darren Stott) said to me, “Linsey is legit, she is the real deal” and Darren’s words go a long way in my book. Linsey was at the Crowder meeting as a local musician helping lead worship for the weekend. She gave me a copy of her first CD and her contact info and that was it; nothing else to the story…… until I listened to the CD. Wow! (Click here for Linsey's music on iTunes)

I called her and began to see if she would come and lead worship for our Supernatural Bootcamps. She agreed and as the events progressed, she took on many more responsibilities until she was administratively overseeing all of our events.

At this point, Linsey is the Executive Director of Welton Academy. She is the highest member of my staff and holds one of the only three executive positions in Welton Academy.

Yet I don’t simply want to tell you the story of Linsey, the incredible employee. I am regularly reminded that Linsey is one of the best worship leaders in the Pacific Northwest, and I am not speaking in superlatives here.

When Bobby Conner, Georgian Banov, Stacy Campbell, Patricia King, Sean Feucht, or many others come to the region, you will likely find that Linsey has been brought in with her team to lead the worship. She has led worship for the majority of the well-known leaders in our movement.

I honestly believe that the Lord is lifting the veil off Linsey Wallace and the next five years are going to reveal her as one of most cutting edge worship leaders in the United States. I am so honored to have her on my team.

After two years of asking her to put out a new album, she finally will have a new CD out in the next couple weeks. It’s a collaborative effort with a few other amazing artists in the Pacific Northwest. They have come together under the title of “Sound and Sea.” (See the Video)

I urge you to sow into Linsey Wallace and what the Lord is doing in her life. “Sound and Sea”

is the next step in her journey and we all get to be a part of this stage of her development. Thank you Lord for this opportunity!


Jonathan Welton

To give to Linsey and her new project, go here.

To purchase Linsey's music on iTunes, click here.

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