On Saturday, March 22nd, Kris Vallotton posted on Facebook:

"Wow- I love Kim [Clement]. I think he is an amazing prophet. I simply do not agree with the word he has supposedly shared about Putin. No disrespect to Kim, just judging the word as I understand it."

I found this stunning.

I love and appreciate both Kim Clement and Kris Vallotton.

Kim Clement recently wrote the foreword to the 2nd edition of Raptureless for me; which was such a blessing because so many people were too scared or busy to write the Foreword, I appreciated his boldness.

Also Kris Vallotton has been a hero and an outspoken advocate for Optimistic Eschatology.

When I say that Kris’ post was stunning, I don’t mean this in any negative way. I was so blessed by the fact that he posted this. Typically, when I hear someone disagree, they do so from of place of not liking the person that they disagree with, therefore it is much nastier. But Kris loves Kim. That’s awesome.

It always surprises me to read the types of responses that come on a thread like Kris’ post. Three basic categories:

  1. I agree, atta boy!
  2. I disagree, you smell bad, go away!
  3. I don’t think Christians should ever disagree, debate, name names, address issues, blah blah blah

I prefer numbers 1 and 2.

Maybe you can’t relate, but it is very difficult to be a national leader in the church and to keep your mouth shut in love toward all the crazy stupid crap that other leaders are saying on a regular basis.

I regularly get emails about “Blood moons”, “Harbingers”, “Nephilim”, and dozens of other similar nonsensical topics which are being taught by major leaders in the church. Yet I often hold my tongue and do my best to teach the Kingdom of God in love.

Yes, I also want to scream when I hear the latest youtube video from a prophet or prophetess I have looked up which is telling us to pray against: WW3, Avian Flu Apocalypse, Swine Flu Apocalypse, FEMA camps being setup, etc. It is overwhelming to see people that you look up to get into such foolishness. Yet life goes on and we continue to operate in love and self control, I just so appreciate when a major leader will pop their head up and say, “I DISAGREE!” Because it could cost that leader some measure of their influence, but they are doing the right thing.

So….thank you, Kris Vallotton. Thank you.

Jonathan Welton

PS. I purposefully did not look up the word from Kim Clement. I have no idea what he said or if I agree. It doesn’t matter, I am just pointing out that I appreciate Kris Vallotton saying something.

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