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Many churches and movements have a statement of faith. For the Welton Academy, we have Core Beliefs. These beliefs filter through everything that we teach and do. These are beliefs that we write about, teach about, and blatantly stand for. If you identify yourself with the following seven beliefs, then welcome home, you are a part of our tribe! We are passionately pursuing the truth that God has given us and believe that the time for these ideas has finally come.
“All the forces in the world are not so powerful as an idea whose time has come.” ~Victor Hugo (1802-1885)
We believe that humanity has worth and value in the heart of God. Because of man’s tremendous worth, God sent Jesus to restore mankind’s identity as sons. Identity is integral to walking out one’s calling and position in the kingdom of God.
(Read Eyes of Honor by Welton & Precious in His Sight by Eberle)
New Covenant Freedom
We believe that Jesus died to establish a New Covenant, which when received by faith brings each individual freedom from sin. This freedom was worth dying for and it is our heart that each individual remains free, this means that neither sin nor religion should re-establish bondage in one’s life. (Read Normal Christianity by Welton)
We believe in the modern ongoing ministry of the five-fold equippers of Ephesians 4. All the supernatural gifts and manifestations of the Holy Spirit are for today. We are completely opposed to quenching the Holy Spirit. (Read The School of the Seers by Welton)
Advancing the Kingdom
We believe that King Jesus came and established His kingdom in the first century. This kingdom has been growing and expanding since the first century, going from glory to greater glory. By the kingdom expanding, Jesus’ prayer is being progressively answered and it is becoming on earth as it is in heaven. (Read The Advancing Kingdom by Welton)
Victorious Eschatology
We believe that Jesus is going to physically return, judge, and resurrect in the future. In the meantime, the Kingdom of God will continue to grow and subdue the earth. We do not believe in a future one-world antichrist leader, a future Great Tribulation and a secret rapture. The prophecies of Daniel, Matthew 24, and Revelation were in regards to the events of 70AD. (Read Raptureless by Welton, Also review the Statement of End-Time beliefs below)
We believe that spiritual models are necessary and important for spiritual growth. The widespread model of “covering” is a counterfeit of true relational fathering. There is no hierarchy in the Kingdom of God, but there are examples, which can be looked up to and can serve as foot-washers and encouragers to the Body of Christ. (Read Authentic Spiritual Mentoring by Larry Kreider)

Statement of End-Time Beliefs:

I believe in the optimistic view of the Kingdom of God being present and growing as was taught and believed before the "Darbyism" of the 1830s became popular.
I believe that when the New Testament writers spoke of the "last days" they were referring to the end of the Old Covenant Age, not the end of the world.
I believe that when Jesus spoke of His coming. He was using Old Testament Apocalyptic language to describe His coming in judgment upon Jerusalem in 70AD.
I believe that Daniel's prophecy of seventy weeks was referring to Christ and completed by Christ. I do not believe that Daniel 9 teaches a future seven-year Tribulation.
I believe that the Destruction of Jerusalem in 70AD fulfilled the Great Tribulation, the Day of Vengeance, and the time of Jacob's trouble.
I believe in the return of Christ, the resurrection of the dead and the Final Judgment. I do not believe in a secret rapture of Christians prior to the return of Christ.
I believe that antichrist is a first century name for "Gnosticism" and perhaps other false teachings. I do not believe that the Bible prophesies a future one-world ruler.
I believe that the Book of Revelation was written in approximately the mid-60sAD and contains many predictions regarding the first century destruction of Jerusalem.
I believe that the "Beast" of Revelation is a reference either to the person of Nero or the Roman Empire (depending on the context).
I believe that the Israel of God, the Ekklesia, is and always has been, the true inheritors of His covenant promises. This is not based on race but faith.
I believe that the Kingdom of God arrived with Jesus' first coming and will fill the whole earth in preparation for His final return.