Graduation Weekend Recap

I remember standing at the end of my dead end street last March, 2013. I was in the snow, filming the first promotional video for Welton Academy Supernatural Bible School. When we posted the video later that day, I remember praying, “Lord, I hope we can have at least 100 people sign up.”

Now 14 months later, we have finished our first year of school with 503 students, in all 50 states, and 21 countries!

Talk about “Above and beyond all you can ask, think, or imagine!”

A week ago, the Academy had its first graduation in Rochester, NY, at my home church. It was a beautiful blend of local students, as well as students from all over America and the world. We had students fly in as far as from Germany and New Zealand!

Joe McIntyre and Harold Eberle came and shared their hearts during the graduation weekend. The Saturday night of the graduation was literally in my top 5 of the most amazing church services I have ever been in! The manifest presence of God was tangibly thick and everybody was impacted.

Now that classes have ended for the summer, it’s a whole new adjustment. The students are adjusting to not having teaching videos each week, and I am wandering around saying, “It’s over, my first year is really over?!?"

Allow me to say, if you have felt a tug on your heart to join the school, please don’t hesitate. It has been profoundly life changing for every student I have spoken with. It is time for Christians everywhere to walk in the freedom that was worth Jesus dying for!

While we celebrate all that the Lord has done in the lives of our students over the last 9 months, we are diligently preparing for all that the Lord has planned this next year through Welton Academy.

Thank you for being a part of the journey!

Jonathan Welton


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