Jonathan's Blog


Each year, the Lord gives me a word, as in, a single word for the year. For 2015, the Lord told me “Missions.” Since I take His directions very seriously, I have been praying into this and will be doing my best to steward this word for this coming year. That is why Welton Academy has hired a Missions Director to help us begin to lead teams this next year.

In the past, I have intentionally taken 1-2 international engagements per year just to get out of my culture. Yet in 2015, we are aiming to go on 6 international trips and very few domestic trips in the US. With the international trips we will be inviting teams of students to come along and minister with the Welton Academy in each country. These will be limited teams of current students and alumni only. Between 6-15 team members per trip, depending on the trip.

Our newest team member is Dawn Weaver as the Missions Director. Dawn is an amazing 25 year old from Hamilton, Montana. She currently resides in Prospect, Virginia. She has a burning heart for ending human trafficking and healing the hearts of those injured by the trade. We are delighted to welcome her to the team. She will be administrating, organizing and overseeing the teams that travel to each country with Welton Academy.

The trips we are currently looking at for 2015 are: Mexico, Trinidad, Argentina, Australia/New Zealand, Brazil, Germany/Wales

We will keep you posted with information as it comes in.