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Hi everyone,

I have had a spurt of writing inspiration in the last few weeks and have put together a series of mini blogs for you. Also we are only 24 days away from the Early Bird rate expiring for sign up to the Welton Academy Supernatural Bible School. So for the next several weeks, I will be sending these mini blogs out twice a week. Please take a minute to give them a read and then share them through Facebook, Twitter, Carrier Pigeon, Telegraph, Dictaphone, etc.

Last year, I made the claim that I was going to teach you to Understand the Whole Bible in the Supernatural Bible School. Once I launched into the course, I realized how intimidating of a proposition I had made. Yet 19 weeks later, I had taken the school from Genesis to Revelation and given the students the tools to read the Bible like never before!

Now we have a life changing video course available which will dramatically impact your understanding of God your Father and His autobiography.

I believe that Welton Academy is the most flexible, affordable and impacting Bible Training available. Please do not miss out on the opportunity to be involved. Early Bird rates fly away on Sept 1st.

As a sample of the teaching you will get nowhere else, here is the Introduction to my forthcoming book New Covenant Revolution:



I hate the way the Bible is taught. It has bothered me for a very long time. As a Bible Teacher, I love the Bible. I love learning the history and culture behind the words of the Bible, and I love the beautiful way these sixty-six books go together. Yet Sunday after Sunday, all across the world, people dress up, go to church, sit for forty-five minutes, hear messages from the Bible, and go home feeling like they still don’t really understand the book, even after decades of listening!
A few may decide to go to Bible College or Seminary to “learn the Bible.” And as well intentioned as that may be, the student often ends up learning Greek, Hebrew, and a lot of theological perspectives without actually growing in his or her understanding of the Bible itself. To know the Bible is to know its purpose, its flow, its intention, and the heart of its author. To misunderstand the Bible is to lose its purpose. When that happens, it becomes a dead book that is awful to read. When we misunderstand the Bible, we lose its flow and intention. Worst of all, when we misunderstand the Bible, we misunderstand the heart of its author.
I believe truth sets humankind free. This is what we all need—the truth. Yet many lies have been taught in church by well-intentioned individuals who didn’t understand the Bible properly. I am writing this book to bring the truth to light. This book will help you understand The Book that brings you truth and freedom.
Many clichés have been used to help explain the Bible: the titles, “God’s rulebook” or “God’s love letter”; the acronym, “Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth”; the summary, “it’s all about Jesus”; and many others. None of these are adequate. Actually, they are inept and faulty for anyone who desires to understand the Bible. Blanket statements like these always create imbalance and fail to bring helpful clarity. Yet, here is a summary that I do find helpful: The Bible is the written record of God’s covenant journey with humankind.
In the coming years, this book will be described, friend to friend, in a variety of ways: “It’s about the covenants in the Bible”; “It’s about the New Covenant”; “It’s about the first century covenant shift”; and so forth. Yet at its core, this book is about The Book. This book will help you understand the heart of God and the book He wrote.
If I could prepare your heart for the massive alteration that will happen in your life as you read this book, I would mention three keys. These three simple truths have the potential to change your entire Christian walk and send you on a course into tremendous freedom:
  1. The Old Testament is not the Old Covenant
  2. The New Testament is not the New Covenant
  3. The End of the Age is not the End of the World
You might not understand them yet, but by the end of this book, the implications of these three statements will change your life—if you let them. These three statements will bring you closer to God, make sense of the Bible, and cause you to discard much of what you thought you knew. Are you ready?

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