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I went and saw Left Behind (the Nick Cage reboot) in the theater on opening night.

Although I could beat the movie over the head for its terrible quality, dialogue, etc. I will leave that to every single movie reviewer (Rotten tomatoes gave it a 4 out of 100).

I also will not belabor the point that it is based on theology that is highly flawed. Since I am the author of the free book available at it is clear where my stance is regarding that.

Instead let’s look at some of the subtler points.

  1. Throughout the movie, the fundamentalist rapture Christians are talked about as being “weirdos, brainwashed, nutjobs,” etc. Then once they are raptured, they are proven right and so clearly they weren’t nuts!
  1. Also it is reported that several million people worldwide have been raptured.

These are both extremely disturbing concepts.

The first concept gives credence to the idea that it’s ok to be the weirdo rapture lady, because you will be proven right later on. You don’t need to actually be reasonable and defend yourself scripturally, you just have to hold these beliefs and then you will be good to go. Also all the true Christians are pre-trib believers that get raptured. There is no representation of any other endtime view.

The second concept is that out of the 2.2 billion souls that currently claim ‘Jesus is Lord,’ only a few million are truly saved? This is played out further by the conversation with a pastor that missed the rapture. Clearly there are the “Real Christians” and then there are the other Christians (and although there is a sliver of truth in that statement, it is not a few million “Real” out of 2.2 billion).

Now to prophesy.

“This is the generation which will reject the lies of dispensationalism. No longer will the idea of a ‘church age’ prevent them from advancing the kingdom in this day and hour. The Revelation of Jesus Christ will once again be about Jesus Christ and not about the end of the world. The Millennials will not bear the burden of believing in a future tribulation, antichrist one world leader or a sudden rapture. Instead they will plan long term, build businesses and families and lay up inheritances for their children’s children.” 10/3/2014