The first week of January was the first annual Welton Academy Staff Retreat. If you haven’t been following the changes, let me give you a quick update.

Karen and I were with Randy Clark for 3 years in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania; we then moved back home to Rochester NY and launched out into full time itinerate ministry (I was part time for about 2 years before the move). So for about 6 years we focused on itinerate ministry and about 18 months ago we launched the first year of Welton Academy.

We thought that we would have maybe 100 students in our first year, what we didn’t plan for was that we had over 500 students register. This meant that I had to move from 6 years of working with a part time administrator to having a whole team of staff members. Now 18 months later we have 9 incredible core team members.

Leading a group like this has been a new endeavor. I have always loved listening to audiobooks from the business sector. Having run my own Roofing Company for 3 years in my early twenties, I find business fascinating. Having a large ministry is similar to having a business in the sense that they are both organizations with a purpose and goal, and both have teams to accomplish that goal.

We have a few intentional things that we do. We have a video Skype call every two weeks with all our staff. Our team members live everywhere: Arizona, Alabama, Washington, Delaware, Virginia, Illinois, California, and New York. Like Southwest Airlines, we employ mostly stay-at-home moms.

We also have a weekly prayer hour on Mondays, and each month we have a different staff prayer partner, which we pray for. With having remote staff members, it has been our challenge to meld hearts and build community. So having an annual staff retreat was an incredible time for connecting. Every week of this year (2015) has been incredible and I will tell you about some of my other trips in the coming blogs, but our time together as a staff was exceptionally special.

The Lord has truly blessed Karen and I by surrounding us with people that carry the same heart and dreams. I am so excited about the dreams that are coming from the heart of our staff and how we will be walking these out over the next few years. By wading into their dreams, I can tell you this, Welton Academy has barely gotten its feet wet.

Please be praying for favor, health, rest and strategy over all our staff and Welton Academy as a whole.

We love and appreciate you,

Dr. Jonathan Welton

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