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2015 is almost over!

As we prepare for another amazing year, I specifically want to say thank you for your support this year. With your love and encouragement, you have been a big part of all the things we have accomplished this year. Here is a quick snapshot of 2015:

I recorded the audiobook versions of New Covenant Prophetic Ministry and Raptureless at a professional studio and published them to iTunes.

In February, the first printing of Understanding the Whole Bible was published and the second printing was published in May.

    A totally improved user-experience was created for the Third Edition Hardcover version of Raptureless published in August.

    I completed the manuscript of Understanding the Seven Churches of Revelation and it is going to print as I write this. (Available now on Kindle)

    The first rough draft of New Covenant Revolution was sent to the editor and should be close to complete in early 2016.

    We hosted our first European Welton Academy Graduation in the Netherlands.

    We launched our missions department and took teams of students to Mexico, Trinidad, Australia, a porn convention, Romania, and Salem for Halloween.

    Also, it is our goal to continue to improve our ability to serve, this has led to partnering with a book distributor, this means that we have endless international shipping options available for my books at

    We have built and launched a brand new website at

    The phone app for Welton Academy has been completely remade and improved. (Get it now!)

    The experience has been upgraded to a downloadable PDF, to make reading and sharing easier.

    All of this was accomplished by the eleven staff members of Welton Academy: Linsey Wallace, Karina Tripp, Renee Bosco, Louise Lopez, Gabriel Lopez, Sarah Walley, Sarah Jean Cobb, Dawn Weaver, Erin Hosmer, Scott Crowder, and Charissa Crowder.

    While I spent 120 Ministry days on the road, the team caused everything at Welton Academy to continue to push forward every single day. 

    They also made it possible for Karen to focus on being a mom and raising little Hannah who is now 2 ¾, and to carry our new girl, Juliet Claire, who was born on Oct 9th.

    Welton Academy itself has grown as we finished 2nd year and 3rd year began. We have gone from 15 extension school groups to 45 this fall!

    As well as from 700 students to 1300 students! And nearly 30 countries!

    Together we are making a huge impact and The New Covenant message is freeing people everywhere. Thank you for your love, encouragement and support, we wouldn’t want to do this without you!

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Years!

    Dr. Jonathan & Karen Welton