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I am not a local pastor; I never have been, yet I live and function daily in the full-time ministry world. From time to time, I will get push-back from some that say my "theories" about church finances sound nice, but aren't functional. In light of this accusation, I decided to put down ten functional things that I would do if I were a local pastor, and I hope this helps some of you to implement these ideas. 


  1. I would personally commit to giving.

    If the spiritual leader isn’t a giver, then how will this flow down to others?


  1. I would urge my leadership to give.

    If the leader is a giver, then his/her team should also reflect this in their personal lives.


  1. I would preach about money four times a year.

    January, April, July, and November. Jesus talked about money a lot more than this. Yet most pastors only awkwardly mention money for two minutes each week before passing the plate. It is not Dave Ramsey’s* job to teach my people about stewardship, it is my job. (*Dave Ramsey might be helpful, that’s not my point)


  1. I would be aware of all giving.

    The vast majority of pastors are concerned that if they knew who was giving and how much, it would taint their perspective. Yet this is not wisdom. Paul went so far as to make a comparison between the Macedonian’s gift as compared to the Corinthians gift (2 Cor. 8:1-8). Peter was aware of how much each person was giving when he received a supernatural word of knowledge that Ananias and Sapphira were lying (Acts 5). Paul wrote that some have the Grace and Gift of Generosity (Rom. 12:8). How can a pastor actually help develop an individual that has the gift of generosity without an awareness that they have this gifting?


  1. I would urge my flock to commit to giving a percentage of their income to the local church (1 Cor. 16:1-4). (This is Not re-instituting the curse-based tithing system)


  1. I would gather my ten biggest donors twice a year.

    ...and lay out the plans and direction for them to see how to get involved. Those with the gift of generosity would be in this group. They should be gathered and pointed at a kingdom target every six months. Is this direct? Absolutely! The kingdom advancing matters too much to not do this! We are at war with the demons behind Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, and Atheism; we don't have the leisure of pussyfooting around about money.


  1. I would urge every member of my church to go on an international missions trip at least once every 24 months.

    It is important for all to see that they are a part of a church that is impacting the nations, not just buying toilet paper for Sundays. 


  1. I would play a video testimony each week.

    All should see what is happening among the youth, the children, the outreach programs, the missionaries, etc. A two-minute video testimony each week would be much healthier than the weird (and/or manipulative) money appeals that many have been subjected to each week.


  1. I would do church well.

    We cannot continue to have weak teaching, bad music, and technology from the 1990s and yet try to say that we are going to change the world. It’s a ridiculous disconnect. We should do what we can “so that in every way they will make the teaching about our Savior attractive.” (Titus 2:10)


  1. I would cast a big vision.

    The church matters more than any other organization on the planet. We are the only gathering of supernatural ambassadors, which carry the heart of the Father to this orphan planet. If we can’t cast vision in such a way that Christians want to open their wallet and dump it into a bucket, then we are not grasping and communicating the importance and value of our mission.