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Can I Be Real?

I am thirty-three years old, and I often feel misunderstood or misperceived.

Can I be real with you? 

My. Heart. Aches.

I love the church. I have spent my whole childhood and youth being involved in church and learning the Bible and loving those around me. From Vacation Bible Schools, to summer camps, to Revival services, I have done it.

Over the years, I have watched my parents be faithful to God after countless devastating ministry experiences. And I personally have grappled with the contradiction of having seen thousands of supernatural healings, and yet having to take insulin injections multiple times a day because of my Type 1 Diabetes.

I have launched out into the bizarre world of traveling ministry and have watched the most disturbing fad speakers gain huge platforms of influence, and amazing people of character being ignored and sidelined. I have also witnessed so many colleagues implode their own ministry and family under the pressure of this rare calling. Sexual sin. Financial sin. Arrogant battles between ministry leaders. Fatigue. Loneliness. Heresy. And so many other landmines I have watched friends step on.


My heart aches. 

It aches for every church to be filled with powerful servant leaders, deeply connected marriages, and families that are healthy. People that are kindhearted, generous givers, that know how to fast and pray, as well as move in supernatural power and wisdom.

There are thousands of distractions and objections. Terrorism. Elections. Natural disasters. It would be very easy to sit back and disengage from advancing the Kingdom.

But I am only on this planet for a little while, and I will do my part to spread His Glory over the face of the earth.  Will you too? I hope so.

There are a lot of ministry schools and conferences that you could travel to this fall, but it is with the goal of doing a better job strengthening individuals and advancing the kingdom, that Welton Academy was formed in 2013.

My heart is to improve the health of the global Body of Christ as much as possible in my lifetime. It is the reason I was born. It is the reason I get up every morning. I wash feet for breakfast.

We are not just a school, we don’t just teach stuff, we aren’t about being controversial; we are a movement. Welton Academy is the outgrowth of my heart to strengthen and advance the kingdom of God in the earth in my lifetime. Please consider investing in yourself to go the distance in advancing the kingdom. 


Go to Time is running out to sign up for First Year.



Here to serve, 

Dr. Jonathan Welton

Author of The School of the Seers, Eyes of Honor, Understanding the Whole Bible, New Age Masquerade, New Covenant Leaders, Raptureless, and Normal Christianity.