Real Leaders Confront

Real Leaders Confront

Every single day, without fail, I receive email that thanks me for dispelling fear, for empowering women, for destroying legalism, or for modeling healthy leadership. I also regularly receive hate mail (for example read some of the One Star reviews of Raptureless on Amazon).

I have adjusted to the hate mail. I understand that fear creates anger and anger creates hate mail. As old false teachings are being demolished, there will be those that cling to the sinking ship and are angry at me for telling them to abandon ship.

The group that is the most challenging are the ones that like some of what I say but struggle with other things I say. This love/hate relationship is very challenging to navigate. I want to encourage everyone into truth and freedom, but sometimes people get stuck somewhere. I know I am stuck some places, but I want to keep moving toward more freedom.

One of the other major issues is the idea of “playing nice” for the sake of unity.

This idea that Christians shouldn’t argue, shouldn’t declare that false teachings are false, that we shouldn’t suggest that someone is off-base. The reasoning is that “If they are not against us, then they are for us.” (Matthew 12:30)

“Or maybe in the midst of the millions of people that will go see Left Behind, even just one person will get saved thus it is worth it.”

Between the fear that Left Behind has caused, the fact that it makes us looks like a bunch of imbeciles and lowers our Christian witness to the world, while destroying generational longterm kingdom thinking, we should all be screaming at the top of our lungs, “this is a pile of demonic crap! And I am not the kind of Christian that believes this.”

Yet the soft minded thinking of “well what about the one person that could get saved? Doesn’t that make it worth it?” No. The answer is no. Did 9/11 cause some people to turn to Christ? Yes. Does that mean we shouldn’t declare it evil? No.


If our ability to get people saved is so weak that we are allowing false teaching so that someone might get saved, there is something desperately wrong with our Christianity.


I know pastors that got saved years ago when they met Jesus while smoking weed. Does that mean that we should go out and start pushing weed so that some people might get saved? No. Then why would we allow anti-Christian false teaching such as Left Behind to continue to blight the Kingdom of Jesus in the hopes that someone will fall into salvation?

Jesus rebuked the spiritual leaders of His day very harshly for how their false teaching had burdened the people (Matthew 23).

The Apostle Paul regularly called out people in error by name (2 Timothy 4:9-10, 2 Timothy 1:15, 1 Timothy 1:18-20, 2 Timothy 2:16-18) and confronted them (even including the Apostle Peter). In Galatians 1:7-10 Paul goes so far as the say that those that present a different Gospel should be accursed! And as for sarcasm and passion, Paul says in Galatians 5:12 that he wishes that those he is arguing with wouldn’t just circumcise themselves but would just cut their whole penis off!

I have never said anything close to that on Facebook, yet for saying that teaching young mothers to be afraid of being pregnant because we are living in the last days is wrong, I am treated like I am a bully!

Like Paul, I can attest that I am much more bold in writing than I am in person. Most that meet me in person are stunned by my quiet gentle introversion. I am confident, not arrogant, but to the insecure, they cannot tell the difference.

So here’s where we are at, if you are willing to think, to be challenged, to grow, to argue, to be a mature Christian adult; then continue to enjoy my facebook page. But stop asking me to play nice. I won’t. Jesus didn’t, Paul didn’t and neither should you.

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