Dr. Jonathan Welton (D.Min, Vision International University) is the former President of the Welton Academy Supernatural Bible School (2013-2018). He is a prolific author whose work includes two bestsellers, The School of the Seers and Raptureless. He has lectured in over 35 countries, led teams on archeological tours around the Mediterranean, and is recognized as a theologian. Most notably, Dr. Welton is the originator of a theological system known as Better Covenant Theology (BCT). His BCT textbook, Understanding the Whole Bible, is used in colleges around the world and has been translated into multiple languages.

Jonathan stepped away from public life in 2018 to go work on himself and his marriage after a very public fall from grace. During his years away from the public, he became certified as a professional coach at “The Bulletproof Husband,” a private institution that helped him transform as a man, husband, and leader. He is now deeply accountable in their community as a leader and author.