About the Supernatural Bible School

The Welton Academy Supernatural Bible School Online is neither a supernatural ministry school nor a dusty seminary. We have created a unique program that teaches the depths of the Word without becoming boring or denying the supernatural. We are focused on teaching the Bible through a New Covenant Kingdom perspective. 

It is our passion to see all Christians operate in the supernatural, know their identity, walk in freedom, and be powerful people. We are not simply aiming at creating pastors and missionaries. No matter what your calling is, you must have a firm foundation in your identity, freedom, and the supernatural. We think long-term and build powerful people.
To be a part of where the Lord is leading the Church in the years to come, we must lay a new foundation in our understanding of the Word. The Word hasn’t changed, but some of our understanding of it must change; otherwise, we will hinder our growth and the advancement of the Kingdom of God.
A powerful advantage of the SBS is that while you are spiritually growing you are not isolated. You have the opportunity to interact with others who are growing in the same deep things you are learning. You are joining a movement with others who are pressing forward with God.




How we do everything we do.

Core Values are the "how” that the Welton Academy operates by. The Welton Academy is not an hierarchy; we are a team. As a team, these values influence how we do everything we do. The Welton Academy has seven core values.






Why we do everything we do.

Many churches and movements have a statement of faith. For the Welton Academy, we have Core Beliefs. These beliefs filter through everything that we teach and do. These are beliefs that we write about, teach about, and blatantly stand for. If you identify yourself with the following seven beliefs, then welcome home, you are a part of our tribe! We are passionately pursuing the truth that God has given us and believe that the time for these ideas has finally come. 





How It Works

Tuition Includes:

  • The Welton Academy teachers' time and research
  • The Welton Academy administering and grading all tests
  • Graduation Certificate from the Welton Academy 


  • After you register, you will receive an Acceptance Letter and your class Syllabus & Guidelines. 

Video Classes:

  • Each Tuesday, you will see one video page unlocked of Welton Academy SBS teaching on your Online Classroom course homepage (More info on the online classroom below).
  • These are pre-recorded, not live streaming.
  • These videos are strictly not to be shared in anyway. The only exception is that spouses and family may view the video with the student in person. Each video must be watched within three weeks of receiving the video. The videos can be watched multiple times within that three-week window. 

Online Classroom:

  • The Welton Academy uses an online education platform that is simple and easy to use tool that allows everything to be in one location. Everything from the school, all videos, quizzes, assignments, syllabuses and policies will be accessible via Welton Academy's Online Classroom throughout the whole school year.
  • After registration, each student will receive an email with a default password, requesting them to login and create their own unique password. Your login, unless you personally change it, will always be your email address that you signed up with, initially.
  • To get you started using it, there is a FAQ section at the top of each course homepage. We encourage each student to read through these pages to familiarize yourself more with the platform. 


  • Every week, your online review test will be unlocked on the course homepage (on the online classroom) accompanying each of the videos. The tests consist of a 5-10 question review of the corresponding videos. Each student will fill out the online review tests each week and submit them for grading.
  • Each required book will also have a 25 question online review test on the online classroom that the student must submit in order to receive a complete in the course. 


Welton Academy Laboratory
(Supernatural Bible School Extension):

The Welton Academy offers the opportunity to create small groups that go through the SBS Year 1 together. WA Laboratory students are considered full-fledged graduates by the Welton Academy. Lab students are required to complete all the SBS Year 1 coursework to receive the same certificate as all SBS Online students.