Welton Academy / Vision International University
Associates / Bachelors Completion Joint Program



It is the joint desire of Welton Academy and Vision International University (VIU) and its principals to provide the most dynamic equipping programs for preparing men and women for effective ministry. Welton Academy and VIU have entered into this agreement for this kingdom purpose.



VIU/ Welton Academy Associates Degree Program:
Welton Academy Year 1 and Year 2 Courses

Course #

Course Name


BI101: Old Testament Survey

Understanding the Whole Bible I

Raptureless: Third Edition by Welton

BI102: New Testament Survey

Understanding the Whole Bible II

Raptureless: Third Edition by Welton

RS236: Seven Churches of Revelation

Understanding the Seven Churches of Revelation

Understanding The Seven Churches of Revelation by Welton

BI205: Interpreting Signs & Symbols

The Supernatural

The School of the Seers: Expanded Edition by Welton

RS111: Kingdom Living

The Supernatural Kingdom

Normal Christianity by Welton

CC301: Self-Concept: Studies in Biblical Inner Healing

Advanced Identity

Eyes of Honor by Welton

RS123: New Covenant Realities

New Covenant Realities

New Age Masquerade by Welton

CI301: Prophetic Protocols & Ministry Principles

Social Justice

New Covenant Prophetic Ministry by Welton

RS314: Principles & Philosophy of Church Growth

New Testament Through Better Covenant Eyes

Journey Through the New Testament by DeKoven

BI202: The Book of Acts

Apostolic Echoes

Supernatural Architecture by DeKoven

= 30 credits

Additional Courses from VIU needed for this Associate's Degree in Biblical Studies:

BI103: The Pentateuch

Advanced OT

Journey Through Old Testament by DeKoven

BI100: Hermeneutics: Introduction to Bible Study


Fresh Manna by DeKoven

RS101: Dynamic Christian Foundations

Dynamic Christian Foundation

New Beginnings by DeKoven

RS109: Spiritual Formation: Journey to Wholeness

Spiritual Formation

Journey to Wholeness by DeKoven

RS102: Christian Life

Christian Life

Christian Life: Patterns of Gracious Living by Chant

RS201: Authority of the Believer

Authority of the Believer

Throne Rights by Chant

RS350: Dynamics of Revival

Dynamics of Revival

Better Than Revival by Chant

RS304: Introduction to Leadership

Intro to Leadership

Visionary Leadership by DeKoven


Practicum: Servanthood

Becoming a Mentor


Practicum: Stewards in God’s House

Becoming a Mentor

= 60 credits



For students to qualify for the Associate or Bachelor Completion in Biblical Studies, the following information/procedures must be gathered/followed.
  • After completing 30 credit hours with Welton Academy, students are then eligible to enroll with VIU in order to complete the remaining credits needed for a degree.
  • Each student must complete the application for admission and be accepted into the joint program (application coming soon).
  • For students working towards the Bachelor’s degree, transcripts of previous completed college work must be submitted through the Academy to VIU.
  • All assigned work must be completed and fees paid to the Academy as per contract.
  • The Academy, upon completion of all work, will send a graduation request form and transcript to VIU's Director of Student Services.
  • Books and other materials not provided electronically for student work product is to be ordered through the Academy.
  • When all fees are paid and work verified, graduation diplomas will be issued from VIU through the Academy to the graduating student. The diploma will be from Vision International University and Welton Academy jointly.


  • 1 Time registration fee per award per student: $50.00
  • Graduation Fee: $125 per award
  • Tuition for Associates Matriculation for 60 credits
Total for Associates Degree:
  • Welton Academy: $1600
  • VIU: $800
  • Total: $2400
Total for Bachelors Degree:
  • Welton Academy: $1600
  • VIU: $1500
  • Total: $3100