About Hector Santos

Hector Santos is a prophetic voice that God is raising up in this generation.  A native of Rochester, New York, Hector was grew up attending church with his family and was a “seer” since he was a child.  Having had many dreams, visions, and supernatural encounters with the Lord, he operated in a sensitivity to the voice of God that continues today.

After ten years of full-time prophetic ministry, the Lord spoke to him to launch G-FORCE Ministries (Global Force Ministries) to equip the believers in the supernatural, to mentor and network five-fold prophets, and to serve as a prophetic trumpet to the nations of the world!

Hector has developed an accurate prophetic gift and has been able to prophesy over many, including church and even governmental leaders and into marketplace businesses.  He has traveled to many nations and continues to respond to an international call.  He authored the book, “Anointed Detectives”, and “The Gift of Divine Insight” and is continually working to release others.  He also serves as a prophetic oversight into various apostolic networks and churches.

Hector lives in Irondequoit, New York, and is married to Barbie Santos and has two daughters: Alyssa and Leilani.