Our Purpose: So that no ministry would suffer the moral failure of their leadership

Content: "Every person's life is either an example or a warning." ~Anthony Robbins. I have lived as both and have learned lessons which could save you from crashing your marriage, ministry, business and life. In the Indestructible Leaders 12-week coaching program we will do a deep dive into building a life that works so you can lead through any storm. Anyone can sail on a sunny day with a gentle breeze, but this course will get you prepared for the true storms of life.  

Target audience: Ministry leaders that want to prevent a crash

  • Weekly group coaching call with Dr. Welton
  • Weekly group coaching call with Dr. Gary Menezes
  • Weekly group coaching call with Endre Gabori
  • Weekly accountability partner call
  • Weekly Emotional work call
  • Quarterly 1-on-1 call with Dr. Welton
  • Monthly Bulletproof Video homework
  • Guided reading homework 

Limited capacity program