What is a Welton Academy lab? 

A Welton Academy Lab is a group of students who are currently taking the same school year of Welton Academy Year 1 together. Groups can be formed through churches, home groups, fellowships, etc. 

All labs must be hosted by a local ‘Lab Administrator’.

Qualifications to be a Lab Admin require one of three things:

    1.  Read Understanding The Whole Bible by Dr. Jonathan Welton.
    2.  Completed all 20 classes of the Understanding The Whole Bible curriculum.

There must also be a minimum of at least 6 students, not including the Lab Admin, to create a Lab.  These students will receive a price discount on tuition and are considered full-fledged students. They will receive the exact same Certificate of Completion as the Welton Academy online students.

The Lab Admin is accountable to Louise Lopez, the Welton Academy Lab Director.


Responsibilities of the Lab Admin: 

  • Organize all Lab meetings. Meetings can be once a week, once a month, or twice a month. Labs that meet weekly watch the videos together followed by a time of discussion. The labs that meet once or twice a month watch the videos on their own time and use the meeting time for discussion and community.
  • Collect and grade homework for the weekly videos and all book tests. The tests and answer sheets will be sent to the admin for grading. The students will also have access to printable tests in their online classroom profile. 
  • Keep track of the student’s grades, which will be sent to Louise Lopez at the end of each quarter.
  • A once a month call with Louise Lopez to talk about how the Lab and students are doing.
  • As a thank you for completing all of these responsibilities, the Lab Admin will receive free tuition for either First Year of Welton Academy or $900 off their tuition for the Five-Fold (Second) Year.



Each individual in the Lab signs up through the Welton Academy registration system, which means that the local Admin handles no registration money. The Lab Admin is given a discount code to give to the students who are going to be a part of their Lab. This code is what the students enter in when they are registering for the school, which gives them their price discount for being a part of a Lab. Each student is responsible for registering individually. All Lab students must be registered by the start date of the course.



Each video is released on Tuesday of every week and the video is available for three weeks after it has been released.



One test per week on the material covered in the corresponding week’s video. Also, a test for each book that the students are required to read.


Want to join a Welton Academy Lab?