Mentor Program

If you decide that you would like to be mentored in a specific track, we also have a Fivefold Year Mentor Program that is separate from the regular courses and runs during Quarters 2 and 3. People that apply for this program are typically students that feel they have a call on their life as a Fivefold Prophet, Evangelist, Teacher, Pastor or Prophet, who would like to be commissioned through Welton Academy. Unlike regular Year 2 enrollment, students must apply to be accepted into this program. Students applying to be mentored are required to reverse any previous incompletes from Year 1.

Applications for the Mentorship program are sent out late September/early October. You can find more info on this program here:  

For students that are interested in doing the Apostle track mentorship: In addition to taking all 4 tracks (8 courses) in the regular Year 2, you must also successfully complete a mentorship in one of the other 4 tracks, and be commissioned. If approved by their mentor, they may apply for the Apostle Mentorship with Dr. Jonathan Welton.

Mentor Program Cost

There is a non-refundable $25 application fee to apply for the program. The cost of the mentorship is $800, which is due before the start of Quarter 2. Students applying for the Mentor Program are also required to take the certified Myers Briggs Step 1 Assessment, which costs $60.


At the end of the mentor program, students may be chosen to be commissioned, although participation in a mentorship is not a guarantee of commissioning. Students who are chosen will be commissioned at a special ceremony during the annual Welton Academy Apostolic Summit in Rochester, NY in the fall.