NARCISSISM DETOX (6 month program)
Our Purpose: So that no woman or child would have to suffer emotional abuse
Content: So you've been given the dreaded label, "narcissist." You are being called a gaslighter, an emotional abuser, or toxic. Every meme, blog, and youtube video seems to say you are incurable and people should be running away from you. How are you going to turn it around? Most therapists don't even want to work with narcissists because they don't believe that they can change. Forget all that crap. I can help you. I had the professional labels hung over my head. Hope seemed lost, and then I found the tools to bring true lasting breakthrough. In Narcissism Detox you will find hope and if you do the work, lasting change.
Target audience: Men whose lives are eroding from narcissism
  • Weekly group coaching call with Dr. Welton
  • Weekly group coaching call with Dr. Gary Menezes
  • Weekly group coaching call with Endre Gabori
  • Weekly accountability partner call
  • Weekly Emotional work call
  • Quarterly 1-on-1 call with Dr. Welton
  • Monthly Bulletproof Video homework
  • Guided reading homework
Limited capacity program
12-15 hour per week commitment required
Application coming soon