In the past, these events have been called “graduations.” Yet after careful consideration, we realized that these events are meant to be shared and they are not exclusive to students or graduates. Although a graduation ceremony will happen during one of the services over the weekend, this is not a student only event.

This isn’t your typical conference either; it is a unique experience that only happens in a few locations globally each year. It is a family gathering of sorts, a time where New Covenant hearted people converge together in one location to worship, connect hearts and hear from cutting-edge leaders in the Body of Christ.



Friday, April 28th
- 7pm - Worship with Linsey Wallace, Speaker: Evangelist Tommy Green

Saturday, April 29th
- 10am - Speaker: Karen Welton
- 7pm - Worship with Linsey Wallace, Speaker: Apostle Jonathan Welton


Auckland, New Zealand 


April 28-29, 2017


Dr. Jonathan Welton


Linsey Wallace