Classes taught by 10 Guest Speakers.

April 4, 2017 - June 6, 2017
Required ReadingCulture of Honor by Danny Silk
Class 1:
Pastoring Prayer and Worship Movements (taught by Chris DuPre)
Class 2:
Pastoring an Apostolic Hub (taught by Charles Stock)
Class 3:
Pastoring Influential Leaders (taught by Bill Vanderbush)
Class 4:
Cross Cultural Missions Pastoring (taught by Bill and Mary Smith)
Class 5:
Questions and Answers (taught by Danny Silk)
Class 6:
Church Planting (taught by Steve Stewart)
Class 7:
My 40-Year Journey As A Pastor (taught by Happy Leman)
Class 8:
TBA (taught by Van Moody)
Class 9:
Samson's Hair (taught by Alan Hawkins)
Class 10:
Pastoring Networks of Pastors (taught by Richard Oliver)