Classes taught by 10 Guest Speakers.

April 4, 2017 - June 6, 2017
Required ReadingThe Church That Never Sleeps: The Amazing Story That Will Change Your View of Church Forever by Matthew Barnett
Class 1:
Street Power Evangelism (taught by Jamie Galloway)
Class 2:
Heart of the Evangelist (taught by Carlos Annacondia)
Class 3:
Prophetic, Political, and Practical Foundations of Evangelism (taught by Mattie Montgomery)
Class 4:
Crusade Ministry and the Glory (taught by Jeff Jansen)
Class 5:
The Risk Factor (taught by Chad Dedmon)
Class 6:
The Heart of Evangelism (taught by Will Hart)
Class 7:
Reaching The Lost Sheep (taught by David Pierce)
Class 8:
Healing Evangelism (taught by Joaquin Evans)
Class 9:
Doing Evangelism on the Margins of Society  (taught by Ruben Nuno)
Class 10:
We Share He Shakes! (taught by Scott McNamara)