Classes taught by 10 Guest Speakers.

April 4, 2017 - June 6, 2017
Required ReadingChurch History: Simply Stated by Harold Eberle and The Art of Revelation by Dr. Jonathan Welton
Class 1:
The Practicals of Being A Well-Known Teacher (taught by Dr. Jonathan Welton)
Class 2:
Speaker versus Facilitator (taught by Jesse Mountjoy)
Class 3:
The 4 M's (taught by Jesse Mountjoy)
Class 4:
Dynamics of Apostolic Teaching - Part 1 (taught by Dr. Stan DeKoven)
Class 5:
Dynamics of Apostolic Teaching - Part 2 (taught by Dr. Stan DeKoven)
Class 6:
Hermeneutics for Life - Part 1 (taught by Sean Edwards)
Class 7:
Hermeneutics for Life - Part 2 (taught by Sean Edwards)
Class 8:
Developing and Growing Your Gifting (Taught by Dr. Martin Trench)
Class 9:
Designing a Philosophy of Ministry (taught by Dr. Martin Trench)
Class 10:
Developing a Growing Ministry (taught by Dr. Martin Trench)