Our Purpose: So that the Body of Christ can safely trust their leaders again

Content: We have watched leaders fall, both big and small. Whether it is the big names or the local pastor in your neighborhood, we have all experienced the painful carnage of when ministry leaders crash. Typically, most leaders quit and never go back to their God-given calling, the shame is too great and they never get back on their feet. For the ones that do, perhaps their denomination relocates them to a small church in the countryside where they will live out the rest of their days. Or perhaps they try to relaunch alone, but they never rebuilt any trust with the public and try to move forward without acknowledging the pain they caused. 

In the restoration accelerator, we will be taking the best tools and applying them to the messiest situations. Helping leaders truly change and rebuild trust with those they hurt. Nobody will be restored in mere months, but the accelerator will set you on a proven path to health and rebuilt trust. 

Target audience: Ministry leaders that have crashed

Here is what is included in your monthly program:

  • Weekly group coaching call with Dr. Welton
  • Weekly group coaching call with Dr. Gary Menezes
  • Weekly group coaching call with Endre Gabori
  • Weekly accountability partner call
  • Weekly Emotional work call
  • Quarterly 1-on-1 call with Dr. Welton
  • Monthly Bulletproof Video homework
  • Guided reading homework
  • Optional add-on: Once a month meeting between an expert and your board of elders

Limited capacity program (10 members maximum)

12-15 hour per week commitment required