First Year (Transition Course) Re-enrollment

First Year (Transition Course) Re-enrollment

This class period is from September 27, 2016 – March 14, 2017.

It includes a total of 16 classes to complete.

This course will be set up with no due dates or expirations on the class videos and class/book quizzes. However, each student will be required to have all the work completed by the end date of the course to be eligible to continue along with the program.

Required Reading: Understanding the Seven Churches of Revelation by Dr. Jonathan Welton.

Classes for First Year (Transition Course):  

  1. Introduction to the Course / Ephesus
  2. Smryna / Pergamum
  3. Thyatira / Sardis
  4. Philadelphia / Laodicea
  5. Conclusions and Chiastic Arches
  6. Spirit, Soul, & Body (Dr. Jonathan Welton)
  7. Baptism of the Holy Spirit (Dr. Jonathan Welton)
  8. Intimacy with the Lord (Louise Lopez)
  9. Walking with Angels (Louise Lopez)
  10. Stepping Out in the Supernatural (Louise Lopez)
  11. Supernatural Healing (Dr. Jonathan Welton)
  12. Stories of the Spirit Realm (Jeff Jansen)
  13. Q&A (Jeff Jansen)
  14. Into the Spirit Realm (Dr. Jonathan Welton)
  15. New Covenant Prophecy
  16. Spiritual Warfare in the New Covenant