New Covenant Prophetic Ministry E-Book

New Covenant Prophetic Ministry E-Book
Prophets have always been God’s covenant lawyers. Under the Old Covenant, they came as God’s lawyers to prosecute His case against His covenant partner Israel. Now in the New Covenant, they are still God’s covenant lawyers, but the covenant has changed. Instead of pointing out guilt, sin, and condemnation, the New Covenant lawyer’s job is to point to the New Covenant, to declare, “You are released from shame; you are forgiven; you are free!” The job of the New Covenant lawyer (prophet) is to enforce God’s New Covenant and its effects. This includes healing, deliverance, salvation, forgiveness, and a cleansed conscience.

This book on the subject of prophecy is incredibly practical, biblical and relatable for normal people. Inside you will learn about:
  • The continuing operation of the gift of Prophecy
  • Prophets, Prophecy and the Spirit of Prophecy
  • God's heart for restoration
  • Living in the Spirit Realm
  • The Revelation Gifts
  • How to “make war” with your prophetic words
  • How to safeguard against deception
  • How to set up prophetic teams at your church

If you want to learn to be prophetic without being weird, this is the book for you. Join Jim and Carolyn while they simplify this complex and mystical subject.