Second Year (Five-Fold Year) (2018-2019) - Optional Add-On Course

Second Year (Five-Fold Year) (2018-2019) - Optional Add-On Course

Interested in adding to your 5-Fold learning experience? The Prophet, Evangelist, Pastor, and Teacher Tracks each consist of 2 courses, for a total of 8 courses. Your Year 3 tuition includes 3 courses already which leave you with the option to add up to 5 more courses to your schedule. 

For example, if you add 2 courses to your schedule, the rest of the Year could look like this:

Quarter 2: Level I Pastor, plus add-on Level I Evangelist

Quarter 3: Level II Pastor, plus add-on Level II Evangelist

Quarter 4: Level I Course in Secondary Track


Up to five additional tracks can be added.

*Note: To those seeking the Apostle Mentor Track in the 2018-2019 or 2019-2020 school Year, you need to take all 5 add-ons during this school Year. Enrollment into these courses does not guarantee acceptance into the Apostle Mentorship program next Year. Usual application process applies.